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Dr. Steven J. Lawson's Transition

Dr. Lawson transitions from his senior pastoral role at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, AL to full-time duties and responsibilities with OnePassion and other ministries....Read More

Doing God's Work God's Way

As the church advances into the twenty-first century, the stress to produce booming ministries has never been greater. A new way of "doing" church has emerged. Doing God’s work God’s way requires unwavering commitment to feeding people God’s Word through relentless biblical preaching and teaching....Read More


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"If you come back to the Bible and a resurgence in inerrancy it will always lead to a resurgence of Reformed Theology." -@DrStevenJLawson
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RT @DrStevenJLawson: Will begin teaching today a three day series on the attributes of God at GraceLife London. http://t.co/dJhfPlwGcg
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RT @RefTrust: George Whitefield was arguably the most prolific evangelist since the time of the Apostles. —@DrStevenJLawson http://t.co/dPX…
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Be sure to check out the Events page with @DrStevenJLawson's upcoming speaking schedule around the country & overseas http://t.co/Fappl3RTy2
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